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राजू बन गया जेंटलमैन

Watch राजू बन गया जेंटलमैन (1992) Full Movie Streaming

राजू बन गया जेंटलमैन tell story about "Raj Mathur alias Raju lives in picturesque Darjeeling, is a devout Hindu, likes praying to Bhagwan Shri Shiv, studies Engineering, and wants to become rich - at warp speed. He does well in his studies, re-locates to Bombay, where he hopes to live temporarily with one Ram Mohan. Unfortunately, Raju is unable to locate Ram, but the friendly slum dwellers take care of him, feed him, and house him. He meets and falls in love with Renu, and it is she who gets him a job at Chhabria Builders where she works as a Receptionist. Thereafter there is no stopping Raju, as he climbs the ladder of success, and soon not only becomes the Chief Engineer but also finds a place in the heart of the Senior Partner's daughter, Sapna Chhabria..".

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  • Runtime : 152 minutes (2' 32")
  • Genre : Drama
  • Production :
  • Release : November 13, 1992
  • Countries : India
  • Languages : हिन्दी